What is Social Media Advertising?

Simply put, it’s advertising on Social Media platforms to raise brand awareness and introduce people to your business. In the modern-day world, word of mouth travels faster and reaches more people on social media platforms. One person may know 100 people and if they love your business, they will refer you to their friends. 

I am sure you’ve heard of companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to name a few. Well, more than roughly 75% of the American population uses Social Media. Can you see the opportunity here?

It is important to not fall behind and be apart of the digital marketing world. There are many strategies that can be implemented in social media marketing. A lot of similarities to traditional marketing, social media advertising can accomplish the same goal with a higher reach.

What’s the difference between Social Media Advertising and Paid Social Advertising?

There are two types of advertising that can be implemented on social media platforms. One is free and cost-effective while the other is paid. Simple right? 

Both go hand in hand to achieve the optimal results because, like any advertising, you pay to be in front of people. Once people express interest in your business you officially have an audience. With this audience, you can make relationships that will increase sales and revenue. 

Why is advertising on social media important for my business?

Easily put, customer attention and retention. Getting new customers and retaining old ones is vital to your business. In the Digital Age, the majority of shoppers look at reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other platforms before deciding if they want to shop at a business or not. It is important to maintain your business presence with five-star reviews, positive comments, and replies. 

People love to chat digitally through social media platforms. If an interested shopper has a question, they are likely to communicate via chat through social media. Facebook Messenger, for example, allows businesses to reply directly to questions and quickly close the sale on a lead. The quicker the response the better the chances of a customer buying from you since the interest in your product is highly attentive. 

Targeting the Audience

What should you do with all of those Facebook likes on your business page, Twitter followers, and other social media platforms? Well, it is the best place to promote your offers! What’s the point of a “sale” if no one knew about it? Businesses can funnel in customers by promoting current offers on social media platforms. 

How can DCM help you with Social Media Advertising?

With our experts in Digital Marketing, DCM can consult with you about the possibilities of how your business can grow exponentially through Social Media Marketing. There are many strategies that can be applied to your business, and we can help find the right one for you.

Would you like to learn more about how we can help? Click here to contact us and lets work together on expanding your business.