Display advertising

Display advertising is the process of advertising on websites, strategically reaching users at different points in the buying process with messages relevant to them.

Display advertising is a method of exposing consumers to your brand as part of their everyday online activities. Ads can appear in many forms (including text, images, and video), come in an assortment of sizes, and perform a variety of functions.

Why use display advertising with other marketing strategies?

  • To increase brand awareness – when you are online, you want to stand out from the crowd. This is one of the methods to get your brand in front of the right audience.
  • To keep your products or services up-front – when a display campaign is active, the campaign can find new and retarget returning visitors that are in the conversion cycle. This is when visitors can be targeted by specific ads based on the stage of the conversion cycle.
  • To be relevant in the industry – display campaigns can push your ads in relevant places. This mean allows you to target in-market consumers that are likely to convert based on the hyper targeting options available.

Our display advertising strategy

  1. Be targeted, but not limited. Focus on the audience you are trying to reach versus where you want to reach them.
  2. Test. Test. Test. Try out multiple inventory sources (e.g. ad exchanges, demand-side platforms (DSPs), direct site buys), targeting tactics and creative treatments to find the right mix.
  3. Set specific goals for display campaigns. A win for display ads is often different from other marketing channels. Consider focusing on micro-conversions rather than sign ups and sales.
Note: We are not a creative design agency, but we can help guide you with your brand or asset creation process.

Our display advertising services

There are several digital advertising services that we specialize in such as:

Media planning & buying

We will use our resources to help you get the best website placements and strategy for your business goals.

Prospecting & retargeting

We have a thorough checklist to ensure that your message will reach the right consumers at the right time.

Google display advertising

We can add a companion Display campaign to complement your current search campaign using the Google Display Network. This tag team method of advertising has the potential to greatly increase the ROI thanks to the benefit of retargeting people that have already been on your website via other methods.

Social media & newsletters

We have experience with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and e-newsletter deployments. Some businesses do well on social media, while others do not. We are well aware of this and have the expertise to provide you with a powerful strategy, if your business goal aligns with our strategies.

Are you ready to add display advertising to your marketing strategy?