What is Paid Advertising?

Have you heard of the term SEM (Search Engine Marketing)? You may not even realize it but when you Google something you are interested in, the first few websites you see are advertisements. If you pay attention, there’s the word “Ad” next to some websites on the first page of a Google search.

Through the use of keywords, businesses are buying paid ads on Google to appear at the top of the search engine results page.

What are keywords?

In Digital Marketing, keywords are words or phrases that a person types in the search engine during their research phase. Advertisers are able to bid on those keywords to rank a client’s website at the top of a search engine.

On Google (or Bing), businesses can bid on keywords that will show their business website when a person searches for it. That way, the client’s website is in front of the prospect.

How will keyword bidding help my business?

If your competition is bidding on keywords and displaying their website first on the search engine, then they have exposure to your potential customers. Being an easily accessible business is what consumers want. People’s attention span is short and they want answers to their questions quick and fast.  By bidding on your business market keywords, your brand becomes the answer to their questions. 

How to be first on the search engine results page

No one likes to scroll through pages of Google search results to find what they want. If your website is not organically ranked (SEO), then how will new customers find you?

The answer is through paid advertising, or paid ads. 

SEO is the strategy of ranking your website to be on the first page of Google naturally. Depending on the market you are in, it can take weeks to months and sometimes even years to rank your website to the first page. That’s why paying for Ads on Search Engines is highly beneficial while waiting on SEO to rank your website higher.  You are essentially buying the space to be seen first while the SEO specialist works on ranking your website organically.

Where will the paid ads be shown?

Besides being on Google search result pages, they can also be shown on websites of your niche. Whether it is blogs, forums, or even social media platforms your Ads can be displayed. It is very similar to a Billboard on the highway. Someone visiting the town and sees a business billboard while driving, they are likely to visit that establishment. Depending on the wants and needs of the consumer, being in their view is beneficial. The consumer is likely to remember your Ad vs your competitor if they are not in the Digital Marketing space. 

How can DCM help with Paid Ads?

Let us help you build your business in the Digital World of Advertising. We can do the research of your competition and see how we can best strategize to boost your brand. Make your business the first website that consumers see.

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