What is Influence Marketing?

The approach of influence marketing, or influencer marketing, is unique when compared to other marketing strategies. It leverages the power of key leaders in the industry to pass a brand’s message to a target audience. Instead of broad-range advertisement, this approach is systematic, it uses the influencer as a mouthpiece and pays some sort of compensation for promoting your brand.

This type of marketing strategy is often implemented on the social network using carefully crafted content marketing techniques.

How is influence marketing used?

The impact of influencers has a significant effect on the modern-day marketer and consumer as well. In a recent survey, 67% of marketers admitted to having used some sort of influencer marketing methods. This figure is likely to increase in the future as more businesses adopt influencers as a part of their marketing repertoire.

The high demand for influencer marketers has led to the advent of solutions customized for the influencer marketing ecosphere. For instance, there is the influencer network that serves as a platform for matching influencers with brands that need their service.

Is influence marketing worth it?

Some of them even have streamlined features that empower brands to leverage influencer marketing more efficiently for their business. Since consumers are now in control of the buyer’s journey, digital advertising is not as efficient as it used to be. Brands that are not taking advantage of influencer marketing are missing out.

Take a look at stats from research carried out by global brands.

  • A study carried out by Harris Interactive in 2015 showed that 80% of Americans now ignore digital ads.
  • A disclosure by the president of IAB claimed that 40% online business that targets millennials lose 40% of their ad expenditure to ad-block
  • White Ops/ANA estimated the global losses to bot fraud in 2016 ar $7.2 billion.
  • In 2015, Google published a report that claims that 56% of digital ad impressions are never seen.
  • In 2015, DoubleClick published a report that says 62% of consumers have less trust in brands.

Taking inference from these statements above, one can conclude that digital advertisement is no longer effective as it used to be. A recent study showed that 66% of consumers are already fed up with excessive marketing messages. The same survey showed that 20% of consumers will boycott a brand that bugs them with excessive advertisements.

One of the values that influencer marketing brings to the table is authenticity and an excellent solution for combating consumer’s indifference to digital ads.

How does influence marketing work?

Most marketers are under pressure to drive sales and revenue for their company. Yet, they do not have firm control over the messaging media. Over the years, consumer psychology has changed. They now seek to have control over the messaging that they want to see.  So, brands are no longer at the focal point of marketing, the consumers have taken over the center stage.

That is why brands must play by the rules if they want to get the attention of modern consumers.  Since modern consumers hang around social media more than any other place, that is where brands should go to get their attention. And influencer marketing has proved to be the most effective channel of getting the attention of modern consumers.

How can you target people with influencers?

The goal of influential marketing is to leverage the trust that an established audience has in an influencer to connect with online communities and the targeted audience. The reason why people have faith in digital influencers is that they have developed a relationship with their audience based on trust. So, brands can collaborate with an influencer to pass messages to an audience through a trusted source.

The best approach to influencer marketing is to allow influencers to pass sponsored content to their audience with sincerity.  The power of an influencer gradually erodes, and the faith of the audience diminishes when the influencer is insincere or publishes irrelevant content.

How can DCM help you with Influence Marketing?

With our experts in Online Marketing, DCM can consult with you about the possibilities of growing your personal brand through various online platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, and Mixer. There are many strategies that can be applied as an influencer, and we can help find the right one for you.

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